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High Holy Days Form 2021/5782

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Please support our High Holy Day programs if you plan to attend online:

   Supporting - $125 per seat – This level is for those with the generosity and ability to help welcome other families.
   Sustaining - $80 per seat – This level reflects the true cost to Ohavi Zedek
   Welcoming - $36 per seat – This level is for those needing financial support to attend.


This year’s High Holy Day programs will be remote, available both on Zoom and live stream. We will ask a very few attendees to be there in person to add to the ambiance of the service. If you are someone who would greatly benefit from being one of these people, let us know by checking the box below, and we will try to offer you an in-person spot at one of the seven major services.

Volunteers Needed

Lulav and Etrog

Book of Life / Yizkor Book

The date to order Lulav and Etrog has passed.
The date to enter Book of Life names has passed.


High Holy Day Honors

Honors may be purchased by any OZ member for friends or family attending services. (Chanting and aliyot may happen on Zoom.) The Honors Committee will decide who receives which honor at each service based on preference and availability. You may enter up to 5 names:

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Would you like to make an additional contribution to our High Holy Days program this year?


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Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783